February 2019

Hello ya’ll! I can’t believe it is February and here we are still in Chicago surviving this wintery weather that WE are totally over! We have another round of snow coming in tonight and snow is one thing but when it turns to ice that’s when it worries me. Hoping spring gets here soon, we have family in town by April so we are definitely hoping for warmer temps. At this rate, 40F is warm enough, ha!


Reality Check

Just wanted to quickly update on our progress of our map theme last week. While it has been a lot of fun I have quickly come to realize that one week is not sufficient time to hit all the things I would like. So I have decided from here on out I am doing themes in two weeks time again that may change with each theme but that way we can hit all the areas and not feel rushed. Anyway, I’ve got a cycling class to attend but I will upload some pictures tonight.


See you soon,

Laura B