Fall is near

Fall is near and it’s my second favorite season. I love the crisp breezy mornings but more so I love all the fall holidays and family traditions. We love to go apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and Halloween. This year we have a weekend road trip planned to drive up to Wisconsin in aContinue reading “Fall is near”

February 2019

Hello ya’ll! I can’t believe it is February and here we are still in Chicago surviving this wintery weather that WE are totally over! We have another round of snow coming in tonight and snow is one thing but when it turns to ice that’s when it worries me. Hoping spring gets here soon, weContinue reading “February 2019”

Kindergarten here we come!

We officially have a Kindergartner in the house! This momma’s heart has been completely nervous during this whole week. The fact that my daughter has been excited to start school has been such a huge sigh of relief. Last week we started going over the different things we learned from preschool like: asking for helpContinue reading “Kindergarten here we come!”

August birthday!

My girl is soon to be 5 years old! Have I mentioned this also means she’s off to Kindergarten this fall, I can’t believe it. I’m so nervous but she isn’t worried she’s constantly talking about how excited she is to go to school. This momma’s heart is at ease knowing she isn’t nervous. ItContinue reading “August birthday!”

Reality Check

Just wanted to quickly update on our progress of our map theme last week. While it has been a lot of fun I have quickly come to realize that one week is not sufficient time to hit all the things I would like. So I have decided from here on out I am doing themesContinue reading “Reality Check”

April 9th

I cannot believe its April, ya’ll this year has flown by for us. It’s my birthday month and I still get pretty excited about those. The reason I am writing tonight is because I have officially decided to take the leap into our homeschool adventures that will include a ton of hands on learning experiences.Continue reading “April 9th”

Easter 2018

Our first Easter in Chicago is upon us. It will be our first year to spend it without our extended family around. We’ve been lucky enough that even though we have lived out of state, our home state (Texas) for the last 2.5 years we have always been able to fly home. This year isContinue reading “Easter 2018”

Spring is here!

SO excited that Spring is here & we are totally hoping for warmer weather and daily park days. Wishful thinking possibly, as we have experienced our first real and brutally cold winter here in Chicago. WE are so over this cold and ready for some warmth. I’ve been thinking a lot about the coming monthsContinue reading “Spring is here!”